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Our vision is to integrate sustainability and purpose into the strategy of every business, by approaching it as both a risk and an opportunity.

Allowing organisations to be resilient and agile in the face of shifting market trends and adaptable to the changing expectations of all of their stakeholders.

Businesses that invest in sound resilience and sustainability strategies tend to be more agile, are better employers, attract higher calibre recruits, have lower risk profiles allowing access to cheaper capital, are more profitable, and develop greater customer loyalty.

As well as working with industry we specialise in helping investors develop and improve the environmental, sustainability and governance profile of their portfolios. Helping them measure how improved sustainability and social impact strategies can improve their financial performance.

Everyone at The Sustainability Group believes that the businesses that will thrive and prosper in the future are ones that know what they stand for, can measure it effectively, and communicate it with passion. That is what we are here to help you achieve.

Our clients include iconic brands, small, medium and large enterprises, family offices, financial institutions and international organisations.

The Sustainability Group helps organisations:

  • Audit their business resilience and sustainability footprint, allowing
    them to understand where opportunities lie.
  • Adapt their strategy with an enhanced focus on business resilience and sustainability, incorporating clear and measurable performance indicators, allowing them to become stronger, better performing, and more adaptable.
  • Train key employees in building resilient and sustainable business strategies.
  • Develop plans to embrace and adapt to risks that cannot be mitigated.
  • Measure impact and become an organisation that continuously learns and improves.
  • Review and assess their performance on an ongoing basis.


The Sustainability Group
Audley House
12 Margaret Street

+44 (0)207 117 2674

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